Treasure Home Learning Kit

Treasure Home Learning Kit


Your introductory Treasure Home Learning Kit provides 7 different natural resources for your little one to explore. Providing your little one with these helps to build curiosity as they pick up and explore each item. As they do this, they will learn:

  • Weight as they hold two different objects of different weight
  • The difference between a rough object and a smooth object
  • They will question why one brush feels different to another, why a little spoon feels heavier than a big spoon
  • They will explore lots of different textures
  • To pass one object from one hand to the other - crossing their midline! Which is an important skill to learn in order for them to learn the coordination needed for crawling.


Your pack includes:

  • 1 x Luffa
  • 1 x Egg wash brush
  • 1 x Large sponge 
  • 1 x Small metal tin
  • 1 x Large wooden spoon/spatula 
  • 1 x Nail brush 
  • 1 x Whisk 


You can add a number of different household objects to your Treasure Home Learning Kit to extend their learning further. 


    ALWAYS supervise small children when playing with small loose parts to prevent the risk of choking. Our products should be supervised by an adult AT ALL TIMES. 

    Please check each resource before and after play for any damages that may cause harm.