Small World Learning Kit - Farmyard

Small World Learning Kit - Farmyard

Farmyard Small World: Use our box of resources to start your child’s journey of learning about this topic. There is so much to learn in all areas of development, and we want to take you and your child on this journey to really secure their knowledge and understanding of animals and the daily routine of a Farmyard! 		What animals live on a farm? Where do they live on the farm?			What happens on a farm? 			Who lives on a farm? Do they work there? What jobs do they do?			Where do our fruit and vegetables in supermarkets come from? 	 These are the types of questions you may find yourself asking whilst playing with our resources, and I hope you and your child enjoy learning about all areas of Farmyard life.  This box includes:		5 animals of variable size			5 Fences 			2 log pieces 			3 pine cones			2 Straw bales 			A bag of green split peas 			A bag of mung beans 			10g tin of Blue water-beads			1 bag of blue sand  			2 gloves 			1 toothbrush			Cress seeds 			Sunflower seeds			Moss 			1 clear punnett 			Cotton wool 			Salt scoop 			A bag of brown rice 			A bag of yellow coloured oats 			1 bag of fresh thyme 			1 guide with extended learning activities
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    All children of all ages MUST be supervised when using any of the resources in our boxes. Children learn through their senses, including taste, and therefore are likely to put things in their mouths, this is ok as long as an adult is always with them to prevent the danger of choking. 

    Please check all resources both before and after play to make sure there are no damages before being given to small children. 

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