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Music & Language

Music & Language




Your Music & Language Home Learning Kit has a variety of different materials and resources for your baby to use and learn from.


It is SO important for your little one to learn about all different types of sound, so providing them with a treasure type basket of resources with different properties will support them to test those sounds independently through natural play.



  • A lentil test tube shaker
  • A tube of bubbles 
  • A wrist bell 
  • A nail brush
  • A small wooden spoon 
  • A small tin bucket
  • An ourico (coconut type shell)
  • A chapeuzinho (a natural pod)
  • An egg wash brush 
  • A flute OR harmonica
  • 1 x balloon 
  • 1 x small bottle to make into an instrument
  • A booklet with extended learning activities

    Children must be supervised AT ALL TIMES when playing with all the resources in our Music & Language Home Learning Kit. 

    Children explore using their senses including taste, and when young, they are more than likely going to explore objects with their mouths. Please supervise ALL play to prevent the risk of choking and check resources before, during and after play for damages. 


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