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Home Learning Kit - Sensory Box

Home Learning Kit - Sensory Box


Sensory Box

Age: Birth onwards


Your sensory box has a variety of different materials and resources for your baby to use and learn from, and playing with your baby with each item, modelling different movements, behaviour and language can support them to make connections through their senses to the brain. 


Flashing ball: As your baby watches you bouncing the ball, they will learn to understand how they themselves can make the ball flash, this is known as cause and effect. 


Maraca: Musical instruments can and should be used daily in baby’s routine, a short rhymetime every day will support language, and shaking the instrument will also teach baby cause and effect. Shaking the instrument over baby, starting from the left and crossing over to the right ear will encourage baby to follow the sound. Then try shaking the instrument behind their head starting with one ear to get baby to look for the sound, this will help baby to tune into sounds. 


Foil Blanket: This will become part of everyday life with a baby and is a great addition to tummy time to provide baby with a different texture and sensory experience. Placing the blanket and baby in a sunny window will reflect the light off the blanket for an added experience. This can also be cut up into smaller pieces for baby to hold and scrunch, providing a calming element that can be taken anywhere with you.  


Scented herb bag: Herbs are a great addition to play with children of all ages. Introducing different scents to babies from an early age helps them understand the World around them. Their sense of smell is highly sensitive and will form associations in scents and experiences. The sense of smell is processed by a part of the brain that controls memory, and can trigger memories later on in life from scents they have smelt when younger. Let baby manipulate the herbs through the bag, this will also support fine motor skills. 


Ribbon Ring: Whether rainbow, monochrome or personal colour combination, your baby will love the different colours within this resource. This can be used to run over baby's face and body as you sing rhymes to them. As your baby grows, allow and encourage the opportunity to hold and shake the ring, watching as the colours move. 


Feather: Run the feather along your baby’s body, concentrating on the hands, finger-tips, feet, toes and face. This feather will provide your baby with a soft touch sensory experience. 


Mirror: Mirrors are a great way for your baby to observe their own face, as well as looking at you through the mirror to understand that both you and them are different. Your baby will not see themselves as a completely separate person to their Mum until they are between 1 and 2 years old. Talking to your child in the third person and showing them in a mirror their own reflection can help them to understand this. 


Bubbles: “Bubble, bubble, pop” blow the bubbles over baby to provide a sensory bubble experience of the bubbles floating, falling and popping. Using a bubble wand over a machine provides the opportunity to model blowing the bubbles, which will support baby in copying when older. This is a great skill to learn in order to support speech and language. 



  • Warning


    All children of all ages MUST be supervised when using any of the resources in our boxes. Children learn through their senses, including taste, and therefore are likely to put things in their mouths, this is ok as long as an adult is always with them to prevent the danger of choking. 

    Please check all resources both before and after play to make sure there are no damages before being given to small children. 

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